Custom Pre-Blends

We are one of the most specialized companies in the development; production and supply of multi ingredients pre-blend .We have the qualified specialists fully capable of converting your conception to perfection. We develop and offer Pre-Blends in such a form which is ready to encapsulate, compression, filling and packaging. We produce Pre-blends taking into consideration all the pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics parameters necessary in the development of a quality product.

Trafa Pharmaceutical Supplies works closely with you to combine all components of your formulation into a single, easy to handle Customer Specific Blend which provides the following customer benefits: .

  • No extra raw material Inventory as we made Pre-Blend exactly according to your Formula's
  • Quick final product availability as our Pre-Blends are ready to use
  • Our Blends are Pre-formulated and have long stability and shelf life.
  • Our Blends passes all the potency, Heavy metals and Microbial test. It save money for testing
  • We choose best quality raw materials so that Final product should be effective.
  • Good price and least lead time.
  • Confidentiality
  • All products are blended under strict GMPc condition in factories having valid Site Licence issued by Health Canada
  • Homogenous particle Size and content uniformity
  • Good Flowbility
  • Consistency and reproducibility batch after batch
  • 100% Active
  • Excellent handling, conveying and feeding characteristics
  • Minimize dust and enhance plant hygiene
  • Reduce purchasing, warehousing and quality control costs
  • Boost profitability by increased production of 'on-prime' polymer
  • Reduce capital investment in conveying and dosing equipment

You can choose formula's from our library for following indications

  • Anti-depression & Mood balance
  • Anti-infection and Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-Oxidant & Anti-aging Care
  • Cardio & vascular circulation supports
  • Detoxification & Cleanse Liver $ Colon
  • Diabetes & blood glucose control
  • Digestive System Aid & balance
  • Energy Supports
  • Eye and vision protection
  • Immune supports and anti-carcinogenic
  • Memory & brain boosting
  • Menopause and Women health
  • Prostate and Men health
  • Sex and Libido boosting
  • Sport and muscle Nutrition
  • Weight Lost
  • Protein based formula

Types of Blends:

  • An active pre-blend
  • A pre-granulation pre-blend
  • A flavour pre-blend
  • A colour pre-blend
  • A glidant pre-blend
  • A lubricant pre-blends
  • Non-dusting pre-blends

We offer Pre-blends for

  • Tablets (Chewable, Sub lingual, dispersible, Enteric coated, Time released)
  • Two piece Hard Capsules (Gelatin & Vegetarian)
  • Powder (readily soluble, effervescent & dispersible)
  • Softgels (clear and opaque)
  • Liquids and Tinctures
  • Suspension, Emulsions and Lotions
  • Sachet (liquid and powder)
  • Oils
  • Sterile Products
  • Pellets
  • Granules

Pre-blends are available with or without follow additives

  • Antiblocks (Talc, Silica, Calcined Clay)
  • Antioxidants
  • Acid Scavengers (Stearates, Hydrotalcite)
  • Clarifying Agents
  • Light stabilizers and UV Absorbers
  • Processing Stabilizers
  • Processing Aids
  • Nucleating Aids (Sodium Benzoate, Talc)
  • Internal Lubricants (Waxes, Stearates)

3 Easy Steps to follow:

  • Provide us your formulas or choose from our library
  • Add your quantities
  • Ask for a quote.


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