Oils and oils powder
Product ID Product Name STANDARD
 RM1506   Almond oil   Oleic 55~82%, Linoleic 8~28% 
 RM-397   Anise Oil   BP 
 RM1295   Black currant oil   Gamma-Linolenic 10~15% 
 RM1294   Borage Oil   Gamma-Linolenic 19~22% 
 RM-1025   Camphor Oil   Pure 
 RM-934   Clove oil   Pure 
 RM-928   Eucalyptus Oil   USP 
 RM1292   Evening Primrose Oil   Gamma-Linolenic 9~10% 
 RM1293   Flaxseed Oil   Linolenic 54~60% 
 RM1503   Grape seed oil   Oleic 10~26%,Linoleic 70~80% 
 RM0474   Jojoba Oil   Cold Pressed and filtered 
 RM-932   Lavender Oil   Pure 
 RM1332   Lycopene oil   6% 
 RM-929   Oil of Oregano   Organic 
 OIL-PWD   Oil powders   Different % 
 RM1183   Oregano Oil   > 80% 
 RM-927   Peppermint Oil   USP 
 RM1296   Perilla Seed Oil Refined   Linolenic 52~64% 
 RM0674   Pomegranate oil   Pure 
 RM1297   Pumpkin Seed Oil   Oleic 24~41%,Linoleic 40~57% 
 RM1502   Sesame oil   Oleic 33~46% ,Linoleic 39~51% 
 RM-933   Spearmint Oil   Pure 
 RM-930   Tea Tree Oil   Pure 
 RM-931   Turpentine oil   Pure 
 RM1500   Walnut oil   Oleic 16~36%,Linoleic 40~65% 
 RM304   Wheat germ oil   Oleic 11~28%,Linoleic 50~66% 
 RM-1024   Wintergreen oil    
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